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Dental hygiene is, no doubt, one of the essential health aspects people should be wary. From headaches to irritability, tooth pain is more than just a physical torment. Most of these bothersome dental problems root from the buildup of plaque. The accumulation of calculus or tartar around the tooth and under the gums will also attract bacteria and other elements. And this cascade of build-up becomes unstoppable leading to tooth decay and loss -yikes!. The tooth scaler, also known as a dental scaler or periodontal scaler, is the ultimate dental tool. Aside from its sleek stainless steel look, the tooth scaler is an efficient and classic plaque remover. 


What is a tooth scaler?

A tooth scaler is a stainless steel dental tool that usually ends in a narrowed tip. This innovative oral tool has the perfect design to reach into deeper crevices around the teeth. With the tapering tip of the tooth scalers, it becomes more effortless for the dentists to remove plaque in hard-to-reach areas. There are different types of scaling instruments that dentists use to facilitate a better cleaning process. A tooth scaler can differ from each other through:

  • Balance. This characteristic of the dental scaler lies on the alignment of the end hook with the handle. Most dental hygienists and dentists prefer to work with a well-balanced tooth scaler. Not only will balance provide better manipulation but also confer less strain on the hands and elbows of the dentists during the treatment.
  • Diameter. The diameter size of the tooth tool will assist in establishing a better grip for the dentist. The extended duration of holding a dental tool will build tension on the wrist and arms. But a tooth scaler with an optimum diameter will prevent this from happening.
  • Texture. Another feature that will define an excellent grip on the dental instrument is its surface. The engraved patterns add more than just an aesthetic appeal to this stainless steel tool. Most of the tooth scalers have textured design and rough outer covering to prevent slips. The texture of the hand scaler also facilitates better control during a scaling treatment.
  • Weight. Aside from the material, the core of dental equipment will add to its total mass. Some tooth instruments are hollow while others are not. With a light tooth scaler, dentists would have better tactile sensitivity while removing the plaque.
  • Operation. Most dental clinics now have electrically powered dental tools, including the tooth scaler. Using either sonic or ultrasonic scalers, dentists would have a more comfortable and faster means of removing the scaler

While there are numerous tooth scalers that you will find in the market, the secret of efficiently removing plaques lies on the expertise and skills of the clinicians themselves. This stainless steel dental tool even has different designs to use for the upper and lower teeth. Some have a hook on both ends while others only have on one end. 

The beneficial use of dental scaler on maintaining the cleanliness of the teeth makes it popular on the market. Not only does its stainless steel look appeal on the clinicians and hygienists but to regular people as well. However, it is essential to source your dental scaler from a trusted supplier. Not only will it guarantee the quality of the instruments but its price as well. You should opt for a tooth scaler that is easy to use and would last a long time.


Key Takeaways on Dental Scaler

With the scraping sides and the narrow end of the stainless steel scraper, it will leave no plaque on the surface. Preventing the buildup of this sticky and nasty substance is the first step on keeping healthy oral hygiene. And the failure to do so would further develop into tartar—the hardened and thick version of plaque. By having the right set of dental tools, you could tackle the occurrence of decay right away. The dental scraper is the classic plaque remover dental tool. Get yours today from Critical Dental.