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Critical Dental – Suppliers of the NSK Surgic Pro Optic Implant Unit

If you’re looking to buy an NSK Surgic Pro motor and handpiece, Critical Dental are industry experts in providing high-quality products to practices throughout Australia. We understand the importance of trustworthy and reliable equipment and we’re proud to supply a wide range of surgical equipment, including the advanced NSK surgic pro optic.

More About the NSK Surgic Pro Optic

The NSK Surgic Pro Optic is an implantology and surgical micromotor system. It’s produced and designed to deliver the highest standards of durability, reliability and torque accuracy with powerful performance. The NSK Pro Surgical implant unit is a motor system that dentists and their team can safely and reliably depend on. Furthermore, the surgic pro by NSK handpiece is lightweight and compact with integrated LED illumination that guarantees better focus and control for accurate and precise surgery.

If you’re interested in the NSK Surgic Pro set, our friendly and helpful team will be happy to discuss the features of this unit along with NSK Surgic Pro price. To learn more, or address any questions or concerns you may have, contact us today on (02) 8883 0674.