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Critical Dental – Suppliers of the NSK Dental Lab Handpiece

Welcome to Critical Dental. If you’re looking for an NSK dental lab handpiece, we’re industry experts in delivering high-quality dental products to practices all over Australia. We understand the importance of reliable equipment – that’s why we take great pride in our ability to supply a wide range of NSK dental handpieces in Australia.

With over 19 years’ experience in the dental industry, our family run business listen to the needs of our customers and takes great care in sourcing some of the best products and lab dental handpiece for sale. We’re always on hand to provide guidance, support, and advice wherever necessary on the high-speed motor you’re interested in. We know that running a dental practice and caring for patients is time-consuming, so why not let Critical Dental take the hard work out of buying your next NSK dental handpiece?

Critical Dental – Supplier of NSK in Australia

We know what a difference an ergonomic and powerful high speed NSK dental handpiece can have when it comes to treating patients efficiently while still producing great results. With that in mind, we aim to find our customers an NSK handpiece or NSK micromotor handpiece that works best for their style of dentistry and fits their hand comfortably. As NSK are award winning specialists in producing advanced high-speed rotary technology, they’re passionate about creating new, innovative dental products and handpieces that guarantee the highest precision, unmatched performance, and reliability. Their products are widely used in the dental practice as well as in the dental laboratory.

Air Turbines or Electric Dental Handpieces?

When it comes to dental handpieces, if you’re thinking about making the shift from the traditional air turbines to an NSK Electric handpiece, a member of our team will be happy to talk it over with you to help make sure it’s the right decision for you. As these dental handpieces are created more compact, safer, and flexible, the NSK ‘NLZ’ range is the perfect way to introduce any user of air turbine handpieces to electric. A big change in the way you provide dental treatment can quickly be brought about with the addition of a new electric NSK handpiece.  

NSK Handpieces in Australia

NSK have been consistently creating world leading, quality and reliable dental handpieces and accessories for years, that’s why we love supplying their brand to our customers. Here are just a few of the NSK handpiece items that we offer:

Ti-Max Z45L Contra-Angle

The world’s first 45-degree angled head and slim form provide effortless accessibility as well as maximum visibility that standard contra-angle handpieces just can’t match. It’s powerful, consistent and shortens treatment time – making life easier for both dentists and their patients. What’s more, this handpiece boasts the first two-way spray function which makes it ideal for a wide variety of procedures, including third-molar preparations.

Ti-Max Z Series

The Ti-Max Z air turbine and contra-angle series was a result of NSK’s quest to make the impossible, possible. The Z Series delivers consistent power, is easier to handle and makes for a more comfortable patient experience. As Ti-Max Z is the top-of-the-line handpiece model by NSK, Australia-based dentists will find it offers a new style of dental treatment.

NSK Endo Mate AT

When it comes to root canal treatment, this advanced NSK endodontic motor has been created with adaptability, efficiency and comfort in mind. It’s also highly versatile, as it’s fully compatible with all ranges of Ni-Ti endo files. The Endo-Mate AT also comes with 9 different settings for speed and torque, including an auto-reverse function making for a quick and simple switch between files. The dental handpiece is light and slim to help reduce fatigue during long procedures and its 16:1 head provides increased visibility and greater accuracy.

Let Critical Dental help You Choose Your Next NSK Handpiece

As Critical Dental is a reputable Australian company, buying a dental handpiece – NSK branded or not – gives you the peace of mind that all dental equipment, products and handpieces are of sound quality, genuinely manufactured and sold at a fair price. While you may choose to order online, if there’s anything you’re unsure about, you can still call our office to address a concern or ask a question about the NSK dental handpiece, as we strive to offer a personal touch to our customer service. What’s more, thanks to our parts and repair centre, we also provide a fast repair for broken handpieces for added convenience. We only use reliable German replacement parts and bearings on all repairs.

Whether you’re looking for an NSK dental handpiece or a micromotor handpiece, Critical Dental can provide what you need at an affordable price to save you money. Call our friendly team today to find out more about our products or to discuss a NSK dental handpiece price that you’re interested in, on 02 8806 3763. We’re confident that we’ve got the right dental handpiece for sale that’s perfect for you with the world leading NSK brand.