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Critical Dental – Suppliers of the EMS Handpiece

If you’re looking to buy EMS handpieces, Critical Dental are experts in providing quality products to practices throughout Australia. We know how important it is to have trustworthy and reliable equipment, and we proudly supply an extensive range of equipment, including the EMS handpiece brand.

Learn More About the EMS Handpiece Piezon

When it comes to periodontic treatment, the original Piezon handpiece brings unmatched ultrasonic quality with 32,000 oscillations per second that deliver maximum precision and efficient calculus removal. What’s more, with its compact design, it offers dental scaler users comfort with a low operating noise that comes with an intuitive LED power control interface and takes up very little space in the surgery.

The dental scaler has a pen-style grip which is a key factor in the advanced ability of the EMS handpieces and provides greater access and manoeuvrability thanks to its slender nose tip and lightweight body that’s great for scaling those hard-to-reach pockets and cavities. The ultrasonic EMS handpiece scaler is Swiss made from exclusive surgical grade stainless steel, with quick and easy detachable tips and the handpiece can be sterilised safely in an autoclave up to the standard 135 degrees.

Call our friendly team at Critical Dental today on 02 8806 3763. We provide a range of supplies from perio scaler instruments to the EMS handpiece product.