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If you are looking for handpiece solutions for the care of your dental handpieces, you are making the right choice. To keep your dental handpieces running smoothly for years to come, it is a good idea to seek out handpiece solutions for in advance to be prepared for handpiece care. 


Ways to maintain your dental handpieces 

It pays to have your handpieces brought in for maintenance every now and again. However, it is also a good idea to know prevention techniques to avoid anything going wrong with your dental handpieces. Before seeking out handpiece solutions, it is for the best to know how to spot trouble even before it happens. 

Follow what is stated in the user’s guide 

The user’s manual of your dental handpiece will have these bits of information available. The user’s guide will be able to give you information as to the telltale signs that something may be wrong with your dental handpiece and when to seek out professional handpiece solutions. 

Maintain cleanliness of the handpiece 

handpiecesIt goes without saying that any type of machine will work more effectively if it is kept clean. Periodic cleaning of the dental handpieces is a great preventive handpiece solution you can use to make sure that no potential problems develop because of dirt and grime that is left to set and harden on the dental handpiece. 

Use the recommended settings 

It is important to make sure that the recommended settings are used for dental handpiece. Keep in mind the recommended ports and maximum speed of the dental handpiece should be followed to ensure that it will continue to work as it should.  

Lubrication is the key 

Keeping the dental instruments lubricated is to key to the proper maintenance of the dental handpiece. This will keep the small parts of the dental handpiece running smoothly. It will also prevent any damage from happening because of too much friction as the dental handpiece  

Inspect your dental bur 

As the lifespan of your dental tools grows, signs of wear and tear maybe evident on the tools. If proper handpiece solutions and maintenance are not done on the tools periodically, they may begin to deteriorate over time. This is especially true for the dental burs that are used on the dental tools. The lifespan of the dental burs will usually be mentioned in the user’s guide when you have them replaced. Keep in mind that the effectiveness of the dental burs will depend on if they are maintained and well taken care of.  


Do not attempt to do DIY fixes

Lastly, it is important that you never administer “band-aid” solutions to your dental handpieces. The proper handpieces should be handled properly with the proper care and handpiece solutions for them to be able to last for a long time and stay in good conditions. 

If you are confused as to which dental handpiece solutions to use on your tools and dental handpieces, you can refer to the user’s manual. You can also opt to ask the manufacturer of your dental handpieces for advice as to this when you first purchase your dental handpieces.