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What are the advantages of using a high speed dental handpiece in your dental practice? Are these handpieces really much better than slow speed handpieces? This article will talk about the advantages of using dental handpieces and how they can benefit a dental practice.


Benefits of using a high speed dental handpiece


Dentists will be able to get more precise cuts through teeth and bones with the use of a high speed dental handpiece. High speed handpieces have stronger cutting power than low speed ones.

No pressure and heat

Despite the cutting power being that much stronger than that of a slow speed model, high speed dental handpieces do not emit any heat and pressure. They also do not vibrate as much as the dental high speed handpieceslow speed dental handpieces. If these factors are eliminated, the dentist will have an easier time cleaning, cutting and using the dental handpiece for various dental procedures.

Better patient satisfaction

Patients will be much more satisfied if their dentists use high speed dental handpieces. Their needed procedures will go by seemingly more quickly and they will feel less pain and discomfort during the procedures.

No death of the tooth pulp

Slow speed handpieces often cause death of the tooth pulp. However, the use of a high speed handpiece will not cause this because it will not emit heat or vibrations.


Use these handpieces with caution

Although there are many advantages that accompany the use of high speed dental handpieces, they have to be used with caution. Since they are much quieter and move in much higher speeds than older models. Dentists have to be aware of how much bone and teeth they need to cut, and be careful to cut only that amount. The hard substances will offer little resistance to the high speed handpieces, so dentists have to use them with caution.