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As a dentist caring for his patients with precision and concern, you would want to use the best tools, equipment, and instruments to ensure their safety and comfort. No dentist would want their patients to get hurt unnecessarily, and we have to admit that some discomfort may have been prevented if a dental professional can accurately perform the treatment or procedure using the best tools. EMS, one of the world leaders in providing top-notch dental instruments, has that philosophy in mind. Their dental tools, like the EMS scaler handpiece and tips, are actually one of the favorites among Australian dental experts. What makes this brand different from equally popular brands like NSK and W&H? Let our specialists at Dental Handpiece address any of your concerns and answer your questions regarding EMS tools like the EMS scaler handpiece.


What is a Scaler Handpiece?

A scaler handpiece is a type of dental handpiece that holds different scaler tips to remove plaque or tartar buildup, or decayed parts of the tooth, as well as polish the teeth, and alter its shape for cosmetic purposes. An EMS scaler handpiece, like other brands, promises to serve as a dependable tool for the dentist in performing any dental treatment or procedure without sacrificing the patient’s safety and comfort.


EMS Scaler Handpiece

dental handpiece for dentistryAn excellent dental handpiece should be ergonomically designed to make the dentist hold it properly and conveniently. The scaler tips and other essential burrs should perfectly attach to the handpiece, and the dental air compressor must be able to deliver sufficient pressurized air through the pen-like instrument to aid the dentist during any procedure. What makes the EMS scaler handpiece different and unique from other well-known brands is its lightweight design that makes it easier for dental professionals to manoeuver and glide the instrument to its proper position. This characteristic, together with other essential benefits of having a high-quality dental handpiece makes EMS scaler handpiece a sure bet when it comes to choosing an ideal dental tool.

If you are interested in purchasing a new dental handpiece, contact us at (02) 8806 3763 and inquire about our dental products made by EMS so you can ensure that what you are investing in is of high-quality and is built to last.