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There are so many manufacturers and product distributors of dental tools and equipment that claim they have the best surgical dental handpiece to offer you. This is because a dental handpiece is an important tool in dentistry as it holds the tips or burs that the dentist use in performing different dental services. In cases where you are establishing a new office or practice or you would want to replace your old tools, do you know the different factors that you need to consider when searching for the most appropriate dental handpiece for your clinic? Here is a short list of things you would want to think about when finding the best surgical dental handpiece.


Things to consider when choosing a dental handpiece


The manufacturer or distributor’s reputation

use of dental handpieceSometimes, the name says it all. A long-time handpiece manufacturer or distributor would have survived for that long because of how great their products are, or else how would any dentist trust their word about their instruments and other dental products. For instance, you can be sure that Critical Dental, with its 20 fruitful years in the business, strives to offer you all the best dental equipment that you can find in Australia.


The kind of propulsion

There are two kinds of propulsion that dental handpieces have in the market today – air and electric. Simply put, as their names denote, air propulsion uses compressed air to transmit power to the handpiece, having the ability to rotate the burs or tips at a maximum speed of 25,000 RPM. Electric-driven dental handpieces, on the other hand, are powered by electric micro-motors that reach a standard speed of up to 40,000 RPM. Consider the speed and efficiency of both types of propulsion when making your choice since both can be used depending on the different dental procedures you would want to offer.



Traditional handpieces dentists use before do not include lights in their models. The source of illumination that they have comes from the overhead lighting dental chairs provide, as well as standard dental headlights that some oral surgeons use to aid the visualisation of the dental cavity. However, newer models or modern handpieces have now included LED lights near the place where burs and tips are attached. They may be more expensive than the traditional dental pieces, but their use and efficiency may be worth considering.


The size

type of dental handpieceHandpieces and their attachments like burs and dental tips should be compatible, or else their use will be worthless. Think about the procedures that you are offering in your practice, the dental tools you are using, and the required size and shape of the burs and attachments that you need to use with the dental handpiece that you wish to purchase. For instance, a paediatric dentist would need to buy handpieces with smaller heads so that it can fit in a child’s mouth.


Cleaning and maintenance

When choosing the appropriate and ideal handpiece for your dental services, think about the process of cleaning and maintain your tools and equipment. The product that you would choose should be easily cleaned like the rest of your instruments. It should be convenient and would not need extra effort to clean and sterilise so you or your other dental professionals would not waste time managing the cleanliness of said handpieces. You should also have direct communication with a maintenance provider that can offer their services to you whenever you need them. This will ensure that the efficiency of your tools and the value of your money and effort in finding the best dental handpiece will not be put to waste. Allow Critical Dental to provide you mail-in dental lab handpiece repair service to make it convenient and easy for you to maintain and fix your dental handpieces.