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As a dental professional, you need high-quality equipment for your practice. When performing dental implant procedures, it’s essential to have an implant handpiece that you can trust. Dental implant handpieces by NSK provide you with some of the finest quality and durable handpieces for your dental practice.  

Here’s a comprehensive look at some of the stand-out implant handpieces on the market today.  


NSK Dental Implant Handpiece

When it comes to picking the proper equipment for placing dental implants, look no further than the NSK Dental Handpiece line. NSK dental handpieces stand out in both their performance and efficient and effective treatment. With multiple styles of implant handpieces, you can find the NSK equipment that is the most comfortable and suited to your unique style. 

When looking for an implant handpiece, it should be durable and dependable so you can provide quality care to your patients. NSK is an award-winning brand that specialises in producing cutting edge high-speed rotary technology. Choose NSK for high-quality precision and performance from your implant handpiece. Their products are also lab tested and approved to ensure they meet industry standards. 

NSK handpieces feature electric handpiece technology that outclasses traditional turbine handpieces. Upgrading to an electric implant handpiece that is more powerful, compact and comfortable to use can improve your accuracy and efficiency as you work.

The NSK Surgic Pro Optic is an ideal option for performing dental implant procedures. This dental implant handpiece is one of the most desirable options for dental implant placement. The NSK Surgic Pro Optic deftly balances all the elements that you want in a handpiece, combining a lightweight frame, compact structure, and an ultra-powerful performance that meets your requirements. 


Endo Mate AT NSK Handpiece

Optimised for performing dental implants, the Endo Mate AT is a premium dental implant handpiece option for any dental professional. It’s crafted with a specialised endodontic motor which gives this handpiece incredible versatility and adaptability.

The Endo Mate AT is compatible with all ranges of Ni-Ti endo files and other major brands. This implant handpiece is highly programmable, featuring nine different settings for torque and speed. It also features an auto-reverse function, offering extensive customisation for your dental procedure needs.  

This handpiece was designed specifically to combat fatigue during long procedures.

The slim frame of the handpiece couples nicely with its lightweight design, combining for an implant handpiece that doesn’t cause hand cramps due to prolonged use.   


EMS Handpiece

EMS handpieces provide the right equipment for you to complete your implant procedures. An EMS implant handpiece offers virtually unrivaled precision and drilling accuracy. It’s compact design, and comfortable grip provides fantastic handling for even the most intricate implant placement procedures.  

With low operating noise and an easy-to-operate LED power option interface, an EMS implant handpiece provides little-to-no interference during the operation. You will have a lot of space to move and operate with an EMS implant handpiece, resulting in smoother, more efficient implant treatment.   

The pen-style grip gives greater maneuverability and access to those hard-to-reach teeth in the back and sides of the mouth. Made from surgical grade stainless steel, this ultrasonic implant handpiece is also capable of over 32,000 oscillations per second. 

The EMS handpiece also features improved versatility and customisation. The tips of the handpiece are quick and easy to detach and replace. The handpiece is autoclave-friendly and can be easily and safely sterilised at the standard 135-degree temperature.   


W&H Handpiece

This handpiece is specifically designed to speed up implant procedures. The straight design of this dental implant handpiece emphasises precision for the best possible results. The ergonomic design also succeeds in reducing fatigue during procedures that run longer than expected.

This stainless-steel handpiece is incredibly durable while remaining lightweight. Its specialised scratch-resistant coating makes it even more sturdy and allows it to withstand wear and tear. You will not have to be concerned about repairs or frequent maintenance with this handpiece. 


Critical Dental

Critical Dental has been proudly serving the dental community for over 20 years. Our staff has over 50 years of industry experience combined, meaning we know what our clients need to promote their successful practices. We take pride in providing reliable dental equipment all over Australia, including in implant handpieces. 

Our customer representatives are always available to answer your questions and help you find implant handpiece for your unique practice. We offer you a variety of high-quality handpieces, including the NSK Surgic Pro Optic.

If you need a new high-quality implant handpiece to take your practice to the next level, contact us today. Visit us online or contact us on (02) 8806 3763. We look forward to assisting you and your dental practice.