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A dental handpiece is an essential tool in all dental surgical procedures. Having a good quality handpiece and knowing how to use it properly is paramount for achieving success during any dental surgery. The quality of the treatment can be undermined if you are using subpar dental instruments, whereas high grade dental handpieces are made with better design and materials for a more efficient dental experience.

Let’s explore the role of a dental handpiece in dental surgery.


Dental surgeries

Dental surgery is an umbrella term that refers to many procedures. Special care must be observed in different dental surgical procedures depending on the situation. Where you may need one type of dental handpiece for a specific procedure, you may need a different dental handpiece for another.


Impacted wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common reason for dental surgery. Since the third molars are the last teeth to develop, they can cause issues for the teeth that have already erupted. Impacted wisdom teeth tend to erupt incorrectly aligned. This can cause the tooth to become impacted between the gum and jawbone, which can cause discomfort and other complications.

Once the patient is comfortable or sedated, the surgery begins. An incision is made in the gum to expose the impacted tooth and jawbone.

Bone is then cleared out of the way to access the root of the tooth better. Your NSK handpiece, EMS handpiece, or W & H handpieces can be used to cut through to the root and clear out debris. It may become necessary to section the tooth into multiple pieces to make it easier to remove.



When lesions form in the mouth, it is important to perform a biopsy on the tissue to determine if the lesion is a symptom of oral cancer.

Some of the tissue is removed to be studied closely under a microscope. Sometimes an excisional biopsy is required, where the entire lesion is removed, along with some other non-affected tissue for comparison study.

This typically requires a high-speed dental handpiece with a round bur for precision excision. 

Reconstructive Surgery

A patient may need reconstructive surgery if they have had their teeth knocked out or sustained other damaging facial injuries. Reconstructive surgery can involve replacing lost teeth or treating any injury to the jawbone and gums. To replace lost or damaged teeth, often dentists recommend dental implants or bridges.

To place dental implants, surgeons require a specialised dental handpiece with a contra angle head and small gear ratio for easier access to back molar and better visibility. W & H handpieces are ideal for the patient and dental surgeons as the ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue during long implant surgeries, and the small high-speed head allows for precise and accurate implant placement.


Root Canal Surgery

Root canal surgery involves removing the infected pulp from the root canals to prevent abscess and infection spreading to the jawbone. Root canal surgery requires an endodontic dental handpiece that is specifically designed for removing the infected dental pulp and cleaning out the inside of the root canal.

The NSK Endo Mate AT features 9 torque and speed settings so you can easily switch between files to remove as much decay as possible and reduce the likelihood of re-infection. It also has a 16:1 ratio for high visibility and optimal control for increased precision.


Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal surgery, or surgery on gum tissue, may be necessary for patients suffering from conditions such as gum disease or receding gums. As gum tissue is more sensitive than bone tissue, it is recommended that you avoid high-speed dental handpieces and use a variable speed handpieces to minimise damage to gum tissue such as the NSK TI-MAX Z45L Contra Angle handpiece.


Dental Devices

According to the Australian Dental Association, custom made dental handpieces are required to meet the Australian and International standards of quality. It is important to ensure you are sourcing your equipment from a reputable provider that meets the guidelines.

Superior materials provide more precision and the dental handpiece lasts longer. Quality dental handpieces are also scientifically engineered for precision and ergonomically designed to fit in the hand comfortably, so they require less force from you.

Using quality dental handpieces in your practice results in more efficiency, less fatigue for you and more patient satisfaction because you can treat patients quicker and more effectively.


Final Thoughts

For better results for your dental surgical procedures, you need the right tool for the job. Critical Dental offers a wide range of air-turbine and electric dental handpieces from trusted brands such as NSK handpiece, W & H handpieces and EMS handpieces. These come in slow and high-speed and with a range of attachments for precise and efficient surgical procedures.

Call Critical Dental on (02) 8806 3763 to speak with our knowledgeable staff about how our range of dental handpieces can make your dental surgeries more efficient and comfortable for you and your patients.