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A comfortable and powerful electric dental handpiece is a vital tool for any dental clinic. A good dental handpiece can be used across a variety of applications, from general dentistry to periodontics and dental implant surgery. They deliver precision and consistency to your dental treatments, allowing you to offer patients the best dental work possible. Find out more about electric dental handpieces and how they can benefit your dental practice. 


How an Electric Handpiece Works

Recent advances have made it possible for more refined dental procedures with the electric handpiece. 

The electric dental handpiece uses a simple electric-powered motor to supply the energy to the handpiece. Handpieces can feature a variety of gear ratios, depending on the type of procedure and the level of access and visibility needed. 


Electric Dental Handpiece vs Air Turbine Dental Handpiece

While both dental handpieces are highly effective for a variety of dental procedures, the newer electric dental handpiece offers several benefits over the air turbine dental handpiece. 


Air Turbine Dental Handpiece

Air turbines offer tried-and-true technology, which allows dentists to feel more comfortable while using them. They are lightweight, comfortable to use, and easy to maintain. The air turbines also give you a higher oscillating speed than other models of dental handpieces. However, this is achieved by reducing the torque available to the turbine which means that when the bur on the head of the handpiece comes into contact with a tooth, the friction can significantly slow down the speed of the head.


Electric Dental Handpiece

With an electric dental handpiece, the major advantage you have over other styles of dental handpieces is consistency. Unlike an air turbine handpiece which tends to see a reduction in speed when the handpiece experiences friction, the electric dental handpiece can maintain the same speed throughout treatment for more precise dental work thanks to the higher torque on the motor. 

The other benefit you can expect from an electric dental handpiece is a smaller head.

This reduced head diameter allows for a better line of sight to the area you are preparing, which gives you increased accuracy. 

Many models of electric dental handpieces allow you to choose the speed of the head. 

This enables you to perform a variety of different procedures including ultra-slow speed procedure like pin placement or endodontic treatments and slow-speed treatments life removing caries.

Finally, many patients report they prefer an electric dental handpiece, as it has a quieter operation and does not create as much vibration. This makes an electric dental handpiece an invaluable asset for your dental practice by allowing you to accommodate anxious patients and encourage them to comply more readily with procedural protocols. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and bring more clients through the doors of your dental practice. 


Models of Electric Dental Handpiece

There are several models of electric dental handpieces to choose from for your practice.


NSK Dental Handpiece

Having worked for so many years with air turbine handpieces, many dentists are understandably reluctant to make the change to electric dental handpieces, regardless of the benefits. Fortunately, NSK, a company renowned for its innovation, have released the new NSK NLZ Micromotor system which offers a compact, safe and simple solution to your dental handpiece needs. The new motor offers an additional 120% increase in torque to allow for higher rotational speeds on your NSK dental handpiece.


TI-Max Z45L Contra-Angle

The TI-Max Z45L Contra-Angle is the premier 45-degree-angle head in the industry and offers a streamlined design for optimal visibility and easier accessibility. This powerful NSK dental handpiece provides consistent torque throughout the procedure for better control and more precise cutting, which means shorter chair time for patients and an easier workload for dentists. This handpiece also features a unique two-way spray function, which makes it ideal for a broader range of preparations, including third-molar procedures.


NSK Endo Mate AT

Endodontic treatments require fast adaptability and versatility. The NSK Endo Mate AT offers a variety of features to make root canals and other endodontic treatments a breeze for the patient and dentist. This NSK dental handpiece is completely compatible with the full range of Ni-Ti endo files and features nine different speed and torque settings, including an auto-reverse setting that allows you to switch effortlessly between files. The handpieces feature a slimline, ergonomic design to reduce fatigue and the smaller head allows for better accuracy. 


Final Thoughts

For more control over your handpiece, better comfort, and improved accuracy during your preparations, you can’t beat an electric dental handpiece. An NSK dental handpiece is a worthwhile investment in the future of your dental practice as it can offer better results in a shorter amount of time. 

If you are interested in NSK dental handpieces, call Critical Dental on (02) 8806 3763 to talk to our experienced staff, and let us find the right electric dental handpiece for you.