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Endodontic handpieces are critical features of a dental practice. If you’re looking for a handpiece that allows you to perform root canal treatment and offers nine different speed settings, the NSK Endo Mate AT might be the right choice for your practice. There are many features of the NSK Endo Mate AT that make it an exceptional endodontic handpiece for your dental practice. 


Endodontic handpieces: What They Bring To Your Practice

As you’re searching for an endodontic handpiece, it’s essential to know the role they play in your dental practice. 

A suitable endodontic handpiece is designed to make cleaning and shaping canals easier during root canal treatments. An endodontic handpiece accomplishes this by driving endodontic files with precision. The more files an endodontic handpiece can accommodate, the more options and control the dental practitioner has during treatments. An excellent endodontic handpiece, therefore, increases the chances of patient satisfaction and smooth root canal treatments

Of course, as you search for your preferred endodontic handpiece, it’s imperative to make sure that it fits with your current operating systems and files. 


Why consider the NSK Endo Mate AT? 

The NSK Endo Mate AT is the best piece of equipment to use for root canal treatments. Here are just a few of the reasons why it’s a great choice for your practice: 


  • It fits all major brands of endodontic files
  • It features a compact, stylish, and easy-to-read control and monitor pad, complete with a large screen for immediate visibility 
  • It’s on/off switch is conveniently placed and simple to use 
  • Its integrated auto-reverse function and torque control provide the operator with unprecedented precision 

Ergonomic design, less fatigue  

Hand fatigue can be one of the biggest struggles when performing root canal treatments.

Fortunately, the NSK Endo Mate AT’s ergonomic design help to mitigate operator fatigue.

This endodontic handpiece is ergonomic in a number of ways.

First, the two-way on/off switch stops the handpiece immediately and is always accessible. This means that, even if you do tire, you can take a break without impacting  the outcome of the root canal treatment. 

Second, the NSK Endo Mate AT is a lightweight handpiece, weighing in at a mere 342 grams. It is shaped to fit in the dentist’s hand and grants a sense of meticulous balance. This renders the fine movement associated with root canal treatments more comfortable to perform


Improved visibility 

The slim, maneuverable, 16:1 head of the NSK Endo Mate AT provides its operator with plenty of visibility. It improves both the direct and indirect visibility of an operational field, making it easier for dentists to work with greater confidence and efficiency during root canal treatments. 


Choices for files, heads, and speeds

When it comes to endodontic handpieces, the NSK Endo Mate AT provides dentists with a powerful number of operatory choices. 

The NSK Endo Mate AT allows dentists to choose between nine different settings for speed and torque, including auto-reverse setting. This allows operators to switch between multiple file systems with ease. 

Additionally, the NSK Endo Mate AT is compatible with all ranges of Ni-Ti endo files and major brands, giving the dentist fantastic flexibility when it comes to choosing which file is the right one for the job at hand. This flexibility can help you provide more streamlined root canal treatments and increase practice turnover rates. 

There are also several additional head options available for the NSK Endo Mate AT. These options range in size from 4:1 to 20:1, giving the dentist more treatment choices. 


Dental handpiece repair

Critical Dental works to provide trusted, durable handpieces that operate with excellent reliability. However, even the most well-built handpieces take a beating from the everyday wear-and-tear of a busy dental practice. As such, Critical Dental offers exceptional dental handpiece repair and customer support. If you have an endodontic handpiece that requires repair, contact Critical Dental today. 

Critical Dental most often repairs major brands like NSK, WH, Bien Air, Morita, MK Dent, Sirona, and Kavo, but will repair any handpiece. 


Final thoughts

If you need an endodontic handpiece, reach out to the experienced and passionate team at Critical Dental on (02) 8806 3763 today. We can help answer any questions you may have about dental handpieces, from high-speed options to everyday repair issues.