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Having reliable oral surgery handpieces is essential to the success of your dental practice. Fortunately, several trustworthy brands are producing high-quality tools. No matter what type of dental handpiece your business is currently in the market for, each of these handpiece developers creates many premier tools for dental applications. Choose your oral surgery handpieces from the following lines for excellent results with your dental clients.


NSK Handpieces

If you use an NSK dental handpiece, you are among the many who have been enjoying the high-quality, dependable handpieces and accessories that NSK have been making for years.

Whether you want a traditional air turbine handpiece, or are interested in trying an electrical handpiece, you’ll be able to find an NSK dental handpiece to suit your needs. Their electrical ‘NLZ’ range offers a more compact and flexible assortment of oral surgery handpieces. They are a safe and comfortable way to bring a new change to your dental processes. Some NSK handpiece options include:


Endo-Mate AT

The Endo-Mate AT motor and handpiece by NSK is a lightweight design for optimum performance with root canal surgery. It is highly versatile, with nine different programmable settings, which makes switching between filing systems a breeze. The Endo-Mate At is also compatible with all ranges of Ni-Ti endo files as well as other major brands.

Ti-Max Z Series

NSK engineered this contra-angle and air turbine series for more comfortable patient experience. The design of the high-powered Z series excels at smooth cutting and consistent performance. The titanium bodies of the handpieces provide a very high level of durability, with the added DuraGrip coating providing a firm grip even in wet situations.

Ti-Max Z45L Contra-Angle

This innovative design is the world’s first handpiece with a 45-degree angled head. The angled head plus its slender form increase visibility, shortening procedure time. This unique handpiece also sports the first two-way spray function, making it ideal for an array of dental treatment processes, including third molar preparations.

NSK is an award-winning brand that continually innovates to produce high-speed rotary technology. They are passionate about creating top of the line dental products with a reputation for high performance and reliability.

If you are interested in learning more about NSK dental handpieces and how they can benefit your practice, call Critical Dental today.

W&H Handpieces

When you use a W&H handpiece, you can trust that you are getting a tool made for precision. Their straight surgical handpieces are specially designed for oral surgery and implantology.

The ergonomic shape keeps fatigue at bay during lengthy surgical procedures. Their lack of complexity lends these handpieces to greater ease of use, making treatments easier for you and more comfortable for your patients.

Every handpiece can be disassembled without tools for thorough cleaning and sterilisation between procedures. W&H handpieces were the first in the world to utilise sterilisable LEDs.

Each W&H handpiece is crafted from durable stainless steel and then coated with a unique scratch-resistant finish; except for the implant handpiece, WI 75 E KM. This reputable brand creates outstanding dental handpieces, offered at affordable prices.

Discuss with us your options when it comes to a W&H dental handpiece.


EMS Handpieces

The original EMS handpiece Piezon is a dental scaler with unparalleled ultrasonic quality. With 32,000 oscillations per second, delivering efficient calculus removal with the utmost precision, it is an excellent choice for periodontic treatments.

The slim nose tip and pen-style grip of this EMS handpiece provide considerably more manoeuvrability and increase access to hard to reach places. The shaft and body are moulded as a single unit for lower operational noise and fewer vibrations, which gives the user more comfort, reducing hand fatigue.

The Piezon handpiece is designed around the idea of maximising patient comfort with the concept of conservative treatment. The state-of-the-art piezoceramic disc technology provides for minimal invasive capability.

Crafted from surgical grade stainless-steel, this dental scaler has detachable tips for easy sanitation. The handpiece body can then be safely sterilised in an autoclave at the standard 135 degrees. Every detail of the advanced capabilities of this EMS handpiece is geared towards precision with high calibre linear oscillation.

To learn more about the technology behind the Piezon handpiece, contact us for more details.

Oral surgery handpieces are the workhorse of a dental professional’s arsenal of tools. Many dental practitioners claim to use their handpieces so often, that having three of the same dental handpiece in stock is commonplace. Choosing a handpiece from a reputable brand is critical for the effective care and treatment of your patients’ dental needs. 

At Critical Dental, our family-run business has over 19 years of dedicated service in the dental industry. We welcome the opportunity to help your dental practice by taking the hard work out of the research and buying process for high-quality dental handpieces. Call us on (02) 8806 3763 for more information about these, and other, oral surgery handpieces.