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W&H handpieces from Critical Dental are trusted and sophisticated pieces of dental equipment. A W&H handpiece helps a dentist perform even delicate tasks with reliability and precision. This raises several questions. What’s the technology behind a W&H handpiece? What are the different kinds of W&H handpieces? What are some W&H handpiece maintenance guidelines? 


W&H handpiece technology 

W&H surgical handpieces are sophisticated in several ways and designed with ease of use in mind. Both the straight and contra-angle W&H handpiece models can be attached to air motors or electrical motors, providing you, the dental practitioner, with a range of options for your practice. 

Additionally, all of their handpiece models—other than the W&H WI 75 E KM implant handpiece—are made out of stainless steel and are coated with a scratch-resistant protectant. This makes them exceptionally long-lasting and durable. Their ergonomic design helps to reduce hand fatigue during longer procedures, thus rendering each procedure safer for the patient and more enjoyable for the practitioner. 

The straight W&H handpieces are specifically designed for precision in implantology, maxillofacial surgery, and oral surgery. 


W&H handpiece models 

Critical Dental offers virtually every model of W&H handpiece. Below are some examples. 


Synea Vision W&H handpiece


  • This particular device comes in two models: the WK-99 and the WK-93. 
  • Due to its innovative gearing technology and ceramic ball bearings, this device optimises on service life while simultaneously maximising on quiet operation. 
  • This device features two head sizes, perfect for adapting to different dental situations. 
  • Due to its scratch-resistant coating, this device is exceptionally easy to clean and thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable
  • This device’s top indications include the following: dental trepanning, resectioning, finishing, preparation of cavities and crown abutment, removal of fillings, and removal of metals. 

Synea Vision short edition W&H handpiece


  • This device is very similar to the full-size model, just smaller, and boasts two different head sizes for high and low speeds. It’s 25% lighter and 15% shorter than the original. 
  • Specific models include the WK-99 LT S and the WK-93 LT S.

Like the larger model, it is also scratch-resistant, thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable. 

This device’s top indications include the following: dental trepanning, resectioning, finishing, preparation of cavities and crown abutment, removal of fillings, and removal of metals.

Additionally, critical dental also offers a number of other handpieces, including:


Primea Advanced Air turbines

  • Small head enables maximum access 
  • Non-slip grip profile and balanced ergonomics 
  • Lightweight 
  • Value retention due to scratch-resistant coating 
  • Quiet operation
  • Optimal view with 5x Ring LED+
  • Best tactile feedback
  • Patented hygienic head system

Alegra turbine handpieces

  • Patented hygienic head system 
  • Thermo washer disinfectable and sterilisable 
  • Reliable, powerful performance 
  • Triple spray for TE-97 and TE-98 models 
  • Ceramic ball bearings for quiet performance 

Each of these handpiece models is made with optimal performance, balance, hygiene, and longevity in mind. 


W&H handpiece maintenance 

To maintain your W&H handpiece for maximum performance and longevity, it’s important to keep up with regular product servicing.

There are two main types of device maintenance: in-practice cleaning and out-of-practice repair.

If you’re unsure of an issue concerning your W&H handpiece, it may be the time to send your device in for professional maintenance.

While Critical Dental makes a point to supply only the best handpieces, even the most reliable of equipment takes a beating from daily use. 

Fortunately, Critical Dental also offers maintenance for a wide variety of devices and every repair comes with a full warranty. 

  1. W&H handpieces, including:
    • Alegra turbine handpieces
    • Primea Advanced Air turbine handpieces
    • Synea Vision handpieces 
  2. Morita handpieces
  3. Kavo handpieces
  4. MK Dent handpieces
  5. Sirona handpicks
  6. NSK handpieces

No matter the dental device, chances are Critical Dental can help with maintenance.


In-practice cleaning and maintenance 

To maximise the longevity of your device, and minimise the need for outside help, follow the steps outlined below in your regular W&H handpiece cleaning regimen. 

  1. Understand W&H handpiece maintenance guidelines 
    • Read the user’s manual 
    • Make sure you and anyone who will be cleaning the device understands the instructions
  2. Prepare your W&H handpiece for cleaning
    • Detach handpiece from the motor
    • Remove the bur from the chuck
    • Carry your device to a sanitised area for cleaning
    • Wipe device to remove visible debris and contaminants 
  3. Clean either manually or with a thermo disinfector 
    • If cleaning manually, rinse the exterior of the device with cold, demineralised running water and scrub with a soft brush 
    • If cleaning with a thermo disinfector, ensure the device is thermo disinfectable and follow the thermo disinfector operating instructions 
  4. Inspect your handpiece
    • The device should look clean
    • If not, repeat steps 2-3
  5. Dry your handpiece
    • If using a thermo disinfector, this will most likely be done for you
    • If cleaning manually, use a tissue to wipe off residual moisture 
  6. Lubricate your device
  7.  Sterilise your handpiece in an autoclave steam steriliser 
    • Follow the steam steriliser manufacturer’s guidelines 
  8. Package and store your handpiece safely and hygienically 



If you’re looking for a reliable W&H handpiece or searching for device maintenance, contact Critical Dental today on (02) 8806 3763. Our customer service representatives at Critical Dental are passionate about supplying you with quality products and support.