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NSK Handpieces are widely trusted dental handpieces. Buying quality handpieces from reliable suppliers is one step in helping your dental practice run smoothly. However, it is also important to understand NSK handpiece maintenance. Below are maintenance instructions for your NSK handpieces.


Understand NSK handpiece maintenance procedure

NSK, as a brand, supplies detailed maintenance guidelines. Understand the whole maintenance process before you begin. This will not only increase your understanding of device cleaning and care, but it will also aid in your understanding of your device’s function. 

There are many kinds of handpieces, but here we consider the maintenance of the extremely popular NSK TI-MAX Z45 Contra-Angle handpiece. The device’s unique, time-saving two-way spray feature renders it extremely useful for a plethora of dental procedures and operations. These cleaning instructions can also be applied to other devices.


Consider purchasing maintenance equipment

Maintenance equipment can condense or shorten the maintenance procedure. One such device is the NSK iCare. The NSK iCare is both a handpiece thermo-disinfector and a handpiece lubricator. This space-efficient device can clean and lubricate as many as four handpieces in less than two minutes.


Prepare your Contra-Angle NSK handpiece for cleaning 

To prepare your Contra-Angle NSK handpiece for cleaning, ensure your environment is clean and free of debris. Detach your handpiece from the motor, remove the bur from the chuck, and carry your instrument to a sanitised area set aside for cleaning. 

Use a paper wipe to remove any visible debris, dirt, or contaminants. Refrain from submerging the handpiece in any solution. Remember that handpiece preparation, cleaning, drying, and lubrication should all be completed in quick succession.

Choose to clean either manually 

Follow both your dental practice’s and the device’s handbook guidelines for choosing manual cleaning or thermo-disinfectors.


  • If washing your handpiece manually, clean the surface of the NSK handpiece with cold, demineralised running water. Use a soft brush to scrub the device.
  • Automated NSK handpieces like the Contra-Angle may be cleaned in a thermo-disinfector. Be sure to place the handpiece on the correct adapter inside the thermo-disinfector, activate the rinse cycle, and use a cleaning agent with a pH-level between 2.5 and 10.5. This maintenance equipment is extremely useful.


Visually and manually inspect your NSK handpiece

Look over your device. There should be no debris, dirt, or contaminants still on the handpiece. If there are, repeat step 4 until the device can be seen and felt to be clean. 


Dry your handpiece

A thermo-disinfector will most likely do this for you. However, if you are cleaning your NSK handpiece manually, use a tissue to dry off any residual moisture. You will then either choose to lubricate your handpiece manually or with the assistance of specialty device like the NSK iCare. 


Manual lubrication

If lubricated your handpiece manually, you will most likely use the NSK PANA SPRAY Plus. Choose the correct spray nozzle for your handpiece and keep your spray can in an upright position. When you’re ready to spray your handpiece with the lubricant, insert the nozzle into the handpiece, hold a tissue over the hand end, and spray for approximately two to three seconds. 

Check the tissue for any debris and continue to lubricate the handpiece until it is free of debris. Purge the handpiece of any excess lubrication. 


Automatic lubrication

Alternatively, you can lubricate your device automatically using the NSK iCare. Follow the NSK iCare instruction manual’s directions for operation. 


Sterilise your NSK handpiece

Sterilise your NSK handpiece in an autoclave steam steriliser. Make sure to review any sterilisation instructions or standards. 

Be sure that the sterilisation temperature does not exceed 138. Remove your device from the steam steriliser as soon as the sterilisation cycle is complete. 


Storing and packaging your handpiece

Depending on your autoclave device, you might package your handpiece before or after the sterilisation step. Be sure to follow your autoclave’s instructions. Pack your handpiece following all current and applicable legislation and dental practice standards.

To store your handpiece, ensure it is protected from microorganisms, grime, dirt, and dust. Store the handpiece dry, upright, and always heed all applicable sterilisation expiry dates.



By following these instructions and all applicable device standards and guidelines, you help optimise the lifespan of your NSK handpiece. For more information on quality NSK handpieces and other NSK products, contact Critical Dental today via our online contact form or call us on (02) 8806 3763.