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As an established dental practice, you have a talented staff and central location, but do you have the right kind of tools? Without the right kind of handpieces designed for various operations, you may find yourself not working as efficiently as possible or being delayed by equipment which isn’t durable. An NSK dental handpiece is durable, high-quality, and powerful

Who is NSK and what do they stand for?

NSK has been leading the global market for rotational dental instruments and other accessories for over 85 years. Founded in Japan, the company was originally named Nakanishi Manufacturing, a name which has become synonymous with quality and perfection. 

The modern company still strives to make innovations in dentistry. With their dental handpieces, hygienists and dentists across the globe can operate confidently since they know their NSK handpieces will accompany them for years to come. 

Which handpieces does NSK offer?

NSK offers a wide range of dental handpieces including air turbines, contra-angles, clinical micromotors, hand-held oral hygiene tools, as well as a variety of small machines for surgical and endodontic purposes. 

Air turbines

The NSK Air Turbines feature six unique models from basic, special, advanced, and premium. Each uses the unique Z-series turbine which has been specially engineered to provide more power with increased airflow. The Ti-Max Z, S-Max M, Ti-Max X450, S-Max Pico, Pana-Max Plus, and the Pana-Max2 all use this patented air turbine technology.


For dentists who enjoy the adjustable speed of contra-angle dental handpieces, NSK offers durable contra-angles which are coated with a special hard carbon that reduces resistance significantly and increases resistance to sterilisation procedures. The contra-angles are incredibly quiet and have anti-heat technology to keep the typical contra-angle speed increased heat at bay. The Ti-Max Z, Ti-Max Z45L, Nano Series, Ti-Max X, S-Max M, and FX Series are all available in contra-angle models. 

Oral hygiene instruments 

NSK offers a variety of oral hygiene instruments, including ultrasonic scalers and powder therapy devices, and ultrasonic scaler tips. The tips are available for a variety of services, including maintenance, root planing, irrigation, cleaning, endodontic procedures, extractions, restoratives, and condensation. The Prophy-mate Neo is an air-powered tooth polishing system with a 360° swivel and powerful twin nozzles.

The bottom line is, no matter what kind of procedures your dental clinic offers, there is an NSK dental handpiece available to support and facilitate your work.

What makes NSK dental handpieces stand out against the rest?

There are multiple factors which elevate NSK handpieces from other companies. In general, NSK tools are easier to use since they are designed with both the professional and patient in mind. 

Each curve, speed setting, and material in the handpiece is chosen for a specific reason: 


Clean head system

All NSK handpieces have specially patented clean head systems. This system automatically prevents any debris or oral fluids from entering the head of your handpiece. This works to extend the lifetime of your tool since the handpieces can work freely without any risk of breaks or dislodgement.  

Ergonomic comfort grip 

Unlike other options on the market today, NSK handpieces truly fit into the curve of your hand. The ergonomic comfort grip fits all hand sizes, and the titanium service is a perfect gripping surface for gloved hands

With a more comfortable handle, dentists and hygienists have much more control over their work since they can grip the handle properly, even throughout extended procedures. 

Non-retraction valve

NSK handpieces have specially formulated valves integrated inside couplings and air motors. These valves prevent any fluids and other contaminators from entering the water lines. 

Resistant, high-quality materials 

The glass optic head, along with the strong, titanium body of the handpiece, is extremely durable and won’t give out, even after years of repeated use and sterilisation. Ceramic bearings are 25% harder than steel bearings and only half of the weight, according to NSK. Additionally, the Quattro Water Spray cools all areas of the burr.

Push-button chuck 

To make the handpieces as user-friendly as possible, NSK decided to create their own push-button auto-chuck mechanism for their handpieces. This allows users to “click” in or pull out burs without the need for any additional tools. This mechanism also features a bur lock component. The lock component’s strength holds up, especially under intense loads. 

High-quality heat-resistant materials

Over time, autoclaving can reduce the performance and durability of medical instruments. The NSK handpiece cannot only be autoclaved up to 135°C, but you can also use a thermo-disinfector to cleanse your handpiece before autoclaving. Your handpiece will continue to perform efficiently, even after multiple sterilisations.

Different angles so you can reach hard-to-reach places

The NSK Slow Speed Ti-Max X450 and the High Speed Ti-Max X450 comes with a head uniquely angled at 45° so that you can reach those difficult third molars with ease. The S-Max Pico is incredibly slim and features an ultra-miniature head for more flexibility and precision in Minimal Intervention services.

Z Turbine

The Z-series turbine outputs up to 26 watts by capturing and delivering more air, which is an impressive amount of power for your dental handpiece. Unlike other instruments with powerful turbines, NSK has specially engineered their handpieces with an ergonomic design to allow easier handling and a pleasant experience for your patients. 

The three-dimensional Z-series rotor was specially designed with a curved shape to work more efficiently than other rotors. Your patients will spend less time in the chair and see better results.


The NSK patented DURAGRIP combines micro-abrasion technology with the DURAGRIP finish to ensure a comfortable, non-slip grip on all NSK handpieces. The DURAGRIP finish increases the durability of the handpiece, making it more resistant to scratching and protects it during the autoclave process.

Coupling compatibility

NSK’s line of dental handpieces are designed to be compatible with most of the available couplings, so no need for a special adapter or a new coupling system. The NSK hardware is an easy addition to your practice’s tools.


Final thoughts

If you’re not sure where to buy your NSK handpiece, call us today and we can help you find the best tools for your dental practice today. Boost your practice with the advanced technology of NSK handpieces.